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Payment and Art Lesson Policies


Payment - Full payment for the semester is appreciated. Please title the checks to Hua Nian (instead of Hua Nian Art Studio). Payment due on the first day of the lessons.
Trial lessons for new students - For new students who would like to try out art lessons, a minimum of four lessons are required. Please make a payment for the remaining lessons of the session if you would like to continue. Otherwise, the spot will become available to someone on the waiting list.

Missing a lesson - If a student can't attend a lesson, this lesson will still be charged since the space has already been reserved. However, make-up lessons can be easily scheduled at no cost. It might be a good idea to schedule the make-up lessons on public holidays, since there might be more room in the classes on those days.

Public Holidays - Lessons on public holidays are optional. Fees for unattended lessons in these occasions will be forwarded to future lessons. Please let me know ahead of time if you will miss a lesson so I can schedule make-up lessons for other students.

Child safety - Please wait to enter the studio if the early class is still in progress. Your child is welcome to play in the fenced back yard before or after art class; please stay with your child for safety reasons since I might not be available for keeping an eye on him/her.

Pick up on time - Please pick up your child on time for a smooth transition from one class to another. It could create an awkward situation if I have to leave the studio shortly after the last class for some special activities and there are kids still in the studio waiting for their parents.

Finally, I ask that you please don't sell cookies, pies, etc. in the studio since I still have many leftover from last year(!).







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